How Do Busy Moms Find Time to Exercise: Tips and Tricks


How do busy moms find time to exercise amidst their hectic schedules? Many moms with busy lifestyles grapple to discover how they can keep fit without compromising on their family or job commitments. In this blog post, we’ll explore various strategies and tips for incorporating physical activity into your daily routine without sacrificing precious family or work time.

To maximize efficiency and keep motivated, we will explore ideas for making exercise fun, utilizing technology to stay on track, and getting creative with your workout routines. Additionally, we’ll delve into ways of making exercise enjoyable and share the importance of prioritizing self-care in order to achieve long-term success in staying fit.

Join us as we uncover practical solutions for how busy moms can find time for exercise while juggling multiple responsibilities and commitments.

Table of Contents:

1. Maximize Your Time

Finding time to exercise can be a challenge for busy moms, but with some creativity and determination, it’s possible to fit physical activity into your daily routine. Here are some tips on how working moms find time to stay active:

a) Utilize Pockets of Time

Instead of trying to carve out an hour or more for a workout, look for smaller pockets of time throughout the day when you can squeeze in some physical activity. Seize moments of respite during the day to get in some exercise, like while you’re having lunch at work, when dinner’s on the stove or between TV ads.

b) Make the Most of Errands

Incorporate exercise into everyday tasks by walking or biking instead of driving whenever possible. For example, if you need groceries from a nearby store, consider walking there with a jogging stroller instead of taking the car.

c) Exercise With Your Kids

  • Take family walks after dinner.
  • Play tag or other active games in the backyard.
  • Dance together in the living room - it’s fun and great cardio.
  • If they’re old enough, have them join you on bike rides around the neighborhood.

d) Use Waiting Times Wisely

While waiting at school pick-up lines or sports practices, try doing calf raises against your car or walk laps around the parking lot.

e) Lunch Break Workouts

Take advantage of your lunch break and squeeze in a quick workout if you have access to a gym or fitness center at work. Alternatively, take advantage of free online resources like Yoga with Adriene and do yoga in the office or go for a brisk walk outside.  Your children can even try Cosmic Kid’s Yoga on YouTube.

f) Wake Up Earlier

Consider setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier than usual to fit in some exercise time before the day begins. Perform some gentle stretches or hop on a stationary bike to make the most of your early morning routine and keep fit without taking too much time away from your day.

Making small adjustments to your daily routine can help busy moms find time to exercise without sacrificing too much time from their already packed schedules. Remember that every little bit counts when it comes to staying fit.

By taking advantage of small pockets of time throughout the day, busy moms can maximize their efforts and make a real difference in their health. Finding imaginative ways to incorporate physical activity into your schedule is essential for success.

Key Takeaway:

Busy moms can find time to exercise by utilizing pockets of time, incorporating physical activity into everyday tasks, exercising with their kids, using waiting times wisely, taking advantage of lunch break workouts and waking up earlier. Making small adjustments to daily routines can help stay fit without sacrificing too much time from already packed schedules. Remember that every little bit counts.

Get Creative

Here are some unconventional methods of getting in a workout that won’t require a gym membership or personal trainer:

  • Lunch break workouts: If you’re working from home or have the flexibility to take breaks during your workday, use this time for quick workouts like jumping jacks, push-ups, and calf raises. This way, you’ll not only burn calories but also refresh yourself mentally.
  • Jogging stroller adventures: Invest in a jogging stroller and turn your walks with the baby into an opportunity for cardio exercise. You can even add resistance by pushing the stroller uphill or on uneven terrain.
  • Yoga at home: Yoga is an excellent form of low-impact exercise that helps improve strength and flexibility while promoting relaxation. Try following along with online yoga classes when it’s convenient for you - no need to worry about fitting in studio schedules.
  • Park playtime exercises: While watching your kids at the park or playground, find ways to sneak in some fitness moves like squats near the swings or tricep dips on benches. Bonus points if you engage them by making it fun - think “Mommy does lunges while Johnny climbs.”
  • Incorporate errands into workouts: Instead of driving everywhere, consider walking or biking instead when running errands close by - doing so will not only save gas money but also help keep those muscles toned.

Making time for exercise doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By getting creative and incorporating physical activity into your daily routine, you can stay fit without feeling like it’s an extra chore on your already busy day.

Remember that every little bit counts - even if you only have 10 minutes to spare, use that time wisely by doing a quick workout or stretching session. And don’t forget the power of accountability: find other working moms who share similar fitness goals and motivate each other through group chats or social media groups.

So, why not get creative and make fitness part of your daily routine? With some ingenuity and determination, it’s possible for working moms to find ways to remain active while managing work and family life.

Explore fresh perspectives to incorporate physical activity into your life - look beyond the ordinary and discover inventive approaches. Technology can be a great tool for busy moms who want to stay active but don’t have time; there are many online resources available that make it easy and convenient.

Key Takeaway:

Busy moms can find time to exercise by incorporating physical activity into their daily routine. They can try unconventional methods like lunch break workouts, jogging stroller adventures, yoga at home, park playtime exercises and incorporating errands into workouts. By getting creative and making fitness part of everyday life, even small efforts count towards staying active while juggling work and family responsibilities.

3. Take Advantage of Technology

Finding time for exercise can be a challenge, but technology is here to help busy moms stay active and healthy. Utilizing technology, there are many resources available to assist busy moms in incorporating physical activity into their daily lives.

Utilize Fitness Apps

Fitness apps have become increasingly popular among working moms who want an effective way to track their progress and find motivation. Many apps offer quick workout routines designed specifically for those with limited time, making them perfect for fitting in some exercise during lunch breaks or while the kids are napping. Some popular options include Johnson & Johnson’s 7 Minute Workout App, Sworkit, and Daily Burn.

Online Workouts and Virtual Classes

If you prefer following along with an instructor, consider signing up for virtual yoga classes or finding online workouts on platforms like YouTube. Discover a variety of workouts designed to fit different skill levels with online exercises or virtual classes.

  • Virtually Anywhere: With a gym membership not always being feasible due to cost or location constraints, many gyms now offer virtual memberships allowing access from anywhere at any time. Check out local gyms’ websites as well as larger chains such as MYXfitness or Peloton’s app.
  • Yoga at Home: If you’re looking for a more calming exercise routine, try an online yoga class. Platforms like Glo Yoga and Yoga with Adriene offer various classes to suit your schedule and skill level.
  • Finding YouTube Workouts: There are countless free workout videos available on YouTube catering to different interests and fitness levels. Some popular channels include POPSUGAR Fitness, HASfit, and The Body Coach TV.

Making use of technology can help working moms find time for physical activity in their busy lives. Whether it’s utilizing apps during lunch breaks or following along with virtual classes, these resources make staying fit easier than ever before.

Taking advantage of technology can help busy moms make the most out of their time. Getting creative with fitness can be a great way to ensure that it is incorporated into one’s daily schedule.

Key Takeaway:

Busy moms can take advantage of technology to find time for exercise. Fitness apps like Johnson & Johnson’s 7 Minute Workout App, Sworkit, and Daily Burn offer quick workout routines designed specifically for those with limited time. Online workouts and virtual classes on platforms like YouTube provide various types of exercises tailored to different fitness levels, making it easier than ever to fit physical activity into your daily routine.

4. Make it Fun

Incorporating enjoyable activities into your exercise regimen can help ensure you remain committed to achieving your fitness objectives.

A. Choose Activities You Love

Start by identifying physical activities that bring you joy or relaxation. This could include dancing, swimming, hiking, or even playing a sport like tennis or soccer with friends. If you’re unsure about what type of activity would suit you best, consider trying out different group classes at your local gym until something clicks.

B. Involve Your Kids in Your Workout Routine

Making exercise a family affair is another great way to ensure that working out remains enjoyable while also teaching your children the importance of staying active from an early age. Some ideas for kid-friendly exercises include:

  • Taking a walk or bike ride together after dinner
  • Playing tag in the park on weekends
  • Signing up for parent-child yoga classes (which are often available online)
  • Purchasing a jogging stroller so baby can join mom during her daily run (here’s our list of top picks.)

C. Turn Mundane Tasks into Exercise Opportunities

You’d be surprised how many opportunities there are throughout the day to sneak in some extra movement. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Perform calf raises while brushing your teeth or washing dishes
  • Park further away from the entrance when running errands, so you have to walk more
  • Take the stairs instead of elevators whenever possible

D. Create Workout Challenges with Friends

A little friendly competition can go a long way in keeping exercise fun and motivating. Consider setting up challenges with friends, such as who can log the most steps in a week or complete the most workouts within a month. You could even create an online group where everyone shares their progress and cheers each other on.

Incorporating enjoyable activities into your fitness routine is key for busy moms looking to stay active and healthy. By finding ways to make exercise fun, you’ll be more likely to prioritize physical activity amidst your hectic daily schedule.

Making exercise fun can help busy moms find the motivation to prioritize self-care. It’s essential to carve out time for yourself and devise a plan that fits your lifestyle.

Key Takeaway:

Busy moms can find time to exercise by choosing activities they love, involving their kids in their workout routine, turning mundane tasks into exercise opportunities and creating workout challenges with friends. By making workouts fun and engaging, busy moms are more likely to stick with their fitness plan and achieve their health goals.

5. Prioritize Self-Care

As a busy mom, it’s essential to prioritize self-care and make time for your health goals. To ensure you’re able to effectively juggle the various aspects of life, making time for yourself is key. Here are some tips on how to incorporate exercise into your daily routine:

  • Create a schedule: Plan out your week in advance, including workout times that fit around your other commitments. This will help you stay accountable and ensure that exercise becomes a non-negotiable part of your day.
  • Set realistic goals: Instead of aiming for an hour-long gym session every day, start with smaller targets like taking a brisk walk during lunch break or doing calf raises while running errands. Gradually increase the intensity as you get more comfortable with finding time for physical activity.
  • Incorporate family time: Make fitness fun by involving the whole family in activities such as bike rides or hikes over weekends. You can also invest in equipment like jogging strollers or stationary bikes so everyone can participate together.
  • Prioritize mental well-being: Remember that staying fit isn’t just about physical activity; it’s also important to take care of your emotional health through practices like meditation or attending yoga classes regularly.

Finding ways to make exercise enjoyable is key when trying to maintain consistency amidst a hectic lifestyle. Whether it’s joining group classes at the gym, hiring a personal trainer who understands the unique challenges of working moms, or simply making use of online resources - there are plenty of options available.

If budget constraints prevent you from investing in gym memberships or personal trainers right away, don’t worry. There are countless free resources available online, such as Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, or the Nike Training Club app, which offer guided workouts for various fitness levels.

In summary, prioritizing self-care and making time for exercise is crucial to staying fit and healthy. By incorporating physical activity into your daily routine in creative ways, you can achieve a balanced lifestyle that benefits both you and your family. Remember - it’s never too late to start working towards a healthier version of yourself.

Key Takeaway:

Busy moms can find time to exercise by prioritizing self-care and creating a schedule that includes workout times. Setting realistic goals, incorporating family time, and prioritizing mental well-being are also important. There are many resources available for free online if budget constraints prevent investing in gym memberships or personal trainers right away.

How do Busy Moms Find Time to Exercise?

As a busy mom, finding time for physical activity can be a challenge. However, it’s important to prioritize self-care and make time for exercise to stay fit and healthy. Here are some tips to help:

Maximize Available Time

Plan ahead and incorporate short bursts of activity throughout the day. For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator, do calf raises while cooking dinner, or take a quick walk during lunch break.

Get Creative with Exercise Routines

Engage in physical activities that are fun and engaging. Try family-friendly exercises like playing sports together or going on hikes. Utilize technology for home workouts or invest in a stationary bike or jogging stroller.

Prioritize Self-Care

Make exercise a part of your daily routine and prioritize self-care. Schedule time for physical activity and treat it as an important appointment. Consider hiring a personal trainer or getting a gym membership to stay motivated.

How do Working Moms Find Time for Themselves?

Working moms can find time for themselves by setting boundaries between work and personal life, scheduling regular “me-time” slots in their calendar, delegating tasks when possible, and practicing mindfulness techniques to reduce stress. Utilizing support networks like friends or family members for childcare assistance may also free up some personal time.

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Maximizing your hours, thinking up inventive workouts, utilizing tech solutions, having a blast and taking care of yourself are all ways to stay fit even when you’re pressed for time.

Remember that finding time for exercise is not just about improving physical health; it’s also important for mental well-being and stress relief. Prioritizing self-care is essential for being the best version of yourself as a parent.

For those pressed for time, enlisting the help of a personal trainer or signing up to a gym may be worth considering as part of your self-care routine. Alternatively, try incorporating quick workouts throughout the day such as calf raises while brushing your teeth or using a stationary bike during lunch breaks. Whatever method works best for you and your lifestyle will ultimately lead to success!

Ready to prioritize your health? Contact Grand Health Chiropractic today to learn more about how we can help busy moms like you achieve their fitness goals!